2022 Gathering

Annual Northwest Focusers Gathering 
May 13-15, 2022
The Gathering was held online.

The planning committee welcomed all and organized a terrific event together.

With everyone gathered on Zoom in a general meeting Friday evening, we consulted our inner guidance as Focusers and filled in the schedule together.

All participants were invited to offer workshop sessions if they wished. There were creative activities, and new explorations, lots of Focusing time, and a Changes Group. Diverse and innovative Focusing-related practices were explored and enjoyed.  We always expect about 40 to 60 participants.

Example Workshop Topics
(offered by participants in previous years)

•   Focusing with Poetry

•  Focusing Outdoors

•   Meditation and Focusing

•   Shared Field Focusing

•   Focusing with Clay

•   Thinking at the edge (TAE)

•   Resolving Issues in a “We” Space

•   Gendlin’s “A Process Model”

•   Focusing and Spirit

•   Children Focusing